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Ensuring Safety and Compliance: A Guide to Pyrotechnics During School Events

Published on July 13, 2023

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fireworks at a ball game, a graduation, or any form of grandiose celebration. Fireworks bring people together by engaging and entertaining all who are lucky enough to gaze at these choreographed explosions of color and sound in the sky.  

While fireworks and other forms of pyrotechnics can create awe-inspiring displays, from an insurance standpoint, it's hard not to bite your fingernails and anxiously scratch your forehead at these very dangerous methods of modern celebration. That’s why it’s crucial for educational institutions to prioritize safety and compliance when incorporating pyrotechnics into their events.

Fireworks at School Events:
Firework displays have become synonymous with spectacular celebrations, making them an attractive addition to school events. However, the inclusion of fireworks requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and adherence to safety protocols. The potential risks associated with pyrotechnics demand that educational institutions prioritize safety above all else. 

Vendor Agreements and the Need for Balance: 
When partnering with a firework company, educational institutions often find that vendor agreements tend to favor the firework company itself. It's crucial for schools to carefully review these agreements to ensure they address safety concerns and properly allocate liability.  

"It’s crucial for educational institutions to prioritize safety and compliance when incorporating pyrotechnics into their events."

Ensuring a Structured Process With Board Approval: 
School districts have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their students and staff. As such, board approval should be sought before integrating pyrotechnics into school events. The board's approval process enables careful assessment of the risks associated with fireworks and ensures compliance with local regulations. Additionally, it allows for collaboration between the school district, fire departments, and insurance experts to implement necessary safety measures. 

Safety Precautions and Professional Guidance: 
To ensure a successful and safe firework display, it is vital to consult with professional pyrotechnic experts. These professionals possess the expertise and experience to design and execute displays that meet safety standards. They can help schools determine suitable locations, evaluate the potential impact on surrounding areas, and establish appropriate safety zones. By partnering with a reputable pyrotechnic specialist, educational institutions can ensure that their firework displays are enjoyable for all attendees without compromising safety. 

Insurance Coverage for Pyrotechnic Events:
Given the potential risks associated with firework displays, it is essential for educational institutions to have comprehensive insurance coverage. A well-designed insurance policy can provide protection against property damage, bodily injury claims, and legal liabilities. 

In Conclusion: 
Pyrotechnics, including fireworks, can elevate the excitement and grandeur of school events such as homecoming, graduation ceremonies, and football games. However, safety should always be the top priority when incorporating these displays into educational institutions. By carefully reviewing vendor agreements, seeking board approval, implementing safety precautions, and obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage, schools can ensure a seamless, fun and safe experience for all.

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